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We have greatly enhanced our ability to source directly for your, our customer.

Schmitz TRailers

Casey Trailers Ltd are accredited Irish agents for: Schmitz Cargobull Tipping Trailers. We have sold a substantial number of Schmitz Trailers to our growing customer base.

We enjoy direct supply from the Schmitz European headquarters in Germany. Casey Trailers stock 7.2, 8.2 and 9.6 Schmitz Tipping Trailers directly to our customers in the 32 counties.


Nooteboom Low-Loader

The OSDS Semi-Low Loader Nooteboom has set a new standard in the market. The design is based on actual market wishes: to carry a variety of loads with a dead weight that is as low as possible and running costs that are kept to a minimum. With the OSDS semi-low loader Nooteboom set their sights on achieving the optimal ratio between transport possibilities and running costs. This makes the acquisition of an OSDS semi-low loader from the Nooteboom SMART programme a smart choice, for the professional as well as the private transport operator.

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Casey Trailers growth over the years has been due in no small part, to offering our customers a flexible and professional service followed by excellent back-up and follow through.